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Other Testimonials

I found TSM on google when looking for training in sound healing in the nj area. The space was so lovely and felt like a little oasis in the middle of a lively urban environment. Tomoko was a wonderful healer and teacher with so much insight to offer that extended well beyond the content of the training. I highly recommend TSM Healing Center for both personal services and educational training!

- Jamie

My sound healing exprience at TSM Healing Center and with Tomoko was profoundly amazing! From the moment I walked into her space, I felt relaxed, connected and loved. You'll notice that there is an energy she's created in this spiritual sanctuary that empowers personal transformation. My fiance and I did a couples sound healing and I drifted off into a deep meditation almost right from the beginning. Tomoko is an incredible soul, and took such great care to make our experience unforgettable. She's so knowledgable, fascinating to talk to, and takes great pride in her craft. I truly cannot wait to go back again and have my next sound healing experience with Tomoko.

- Anand

I found Tomoko online when searching for Holistic Practitioners in my area. My fiancé and I did a couples session together. Tomoko's space is welcoming, beautiful, and clean. Tomoko's eyes and smile tell you that she is a kind and compassionate human being and genuinely loves people and what she does. The session was very relaxing and I even fell asleep several times. My favorite part was when she played a singing bowl on my heart and one on my stomach. It's amazing how the singing bowls interact with one another, you can feel it throughout your entire body. Tomoko served us tea afterwards and the conversation was real and connected. It's a truly unique experience.

- Brianna

I had the opportunity to experience the healing power of singing bowls with Tomoko. After a two-day workshop, I am able to incorporate singing bowls into my reiki practice.  I have already seen the benefits of using sound and vibration healing with reiki clients.  Tomoko led the workshop in a calm atmosphere with a relaxed manner.  The pace of the class allowed the information to settle into my mind and heart.  Tomoko possesses knowledge and skills coupled with an inviting style.  Hands on practice giving treatments, and the benefits of receiving treatments created a fulfilling learning experience.  I feel comfortable using the bowls on others and myself after completing this two-day workshop.  Thank you Tomoko!

- Lillian

I had an absolutely beautiful experience.  Tomoko did an amazing job, I got reiki energy healing and I felt almost enlightened when it was done.  All my past pain and bad energy felt like it was literally lifted from me.  I plan on going back very soon.  If you have any hesitation (as a lot of first timers do), just try it one time and you will be moved by the experience.  It is a wonderful tranquil atmosphere surrounded by good energy.  Thank you.

- Christina P.

The group singing bowls sound healing sessions with Tomoko were deeply soothing to me, beginning with her calm, unhurried presence. She masterfully used the bowls to bathe us in calming tones that carried a feeling of deep peace into my cells and soothed my soul. I loved seeing the faces of fellow participants after the sessions, they were glowing! Thank you so much, Tomoko!

- Barbara

I could feel a slight tingling or energy sensation during the beginning of my Reiki session.  Before I fell asleep it felt like energy was moving and pulsing.  After the session I felt totally and completely relaxed.  My body let go of all stress.  I also noticed a stillness and quietness in my mind - as if I had done a long meditation.  My breathing became even more open, clear and full.  It felt amazing.

- Heidi S.

The space is a beautiful, relaxing environment where you can quickly transition into the perfect mindset.  My detox footpath was great time spent there!  I also discovered some great reading materials.  I will return for what looks like an amazing singing bowl experience.

- Lisa M.

I have been looking for a practitioner to lead me to experience Himalayan Singing Bowls for some time.  I have read a lot about it and wanted to find a person with whom I will connect and learn from.  After reading about Tomoko and visiting with her the whole experience felt right.  She was very giving and took the time (more than I expected) to talk to me to find the healing methods for my needs.  Tomoko and her space are a secret healing gem.  I have looked forward to every visit because each one has offered a different experience and a different knowledge.  I see my visits with Tomoko on-going, because I have found a practitioner whom I absolutely admire and respect.


Tomoko is one of the best naturopath/holistic professionals in the east coast!  We were in the New York, New Jersey area and we were looking for a place that used singing bowls to help me with the pain I was experiencing in my neck and back.  I've had the procedure done before and it helped me a lot so TSM Healing Center was a great find.  As soon as I walked it I felt the calmness I was looking for.  Quite a different vibe from the hustle and bustle from the city.  I fell into a deep zen state.  After an hour session, my pain had subsided and I felt rejuvenated.  Tomoko is as good as advertised.  I checked out her website and I knew right away that I was dealing with a pro.  She has a few different services so if you are going to be in the area...check her out and schedule a session.  You won't be dissapointed.  

- Lisa K.

Tomoko is extremely knowledgeable in all of her healing modalities. I experienced the sound healing as well as the foot bath and I felt centered, relaxed, and rejuvenated. Anyone who is feeling stressed or craving a stronger mind-body connection should see Tomoko!

- David H.W.

Amazing experience!  A private Himalayan singing bowls session raised my vibration to new heights.  I left TSM with a new focus.  I am truly grateful.  I look forward to returning again.  Namaste.

-Angelo N.

OMG, this was not something I would think these bowls are like!  Seriously, it should be called "orgasmic" therapy - me surrounded by vibrating bowls, singing in different keys - wow!  An unbelievable experience that everyone should try at least once in life!  It helps with a number of illnesses too.  Tomoko was very savvy about healing and life overall - told me so much about neuroscience and epigenetic.  She works with hospitals too.  I truly enjoyed entering this amazing world.  Grateful!

- Liana K.

You can feel the good vibrations the moment you enter Tomoko's space!  I am so blown away that such a space even exists here in the Heights, I am used to going into NYC to work with practitioners of Tomoko's caliber.  So convenient!  I was surprised at how BIG the center is, there is a lovely main space filled with cozy furniture, striking Buddhist artwork and Himalayan salt lamps where the group sound healing takes place.  Then there are 2 modern treatment rooms as well as a beautiful kitchen and bath with an ENORMOUS soak tub (I cannot wait to try it!) and my individual sound healing session.  And we are DYING to get into her infra-red sauna in the backyard!  I can't recommend Tomoko and her center more!

- Karen M.

Amazing Expereince for total relaxation.  Tomoko-san is a wonderful practitioner.  She offers various treatments.  After a short consultation, she chose Cell-Cleansing Ion Foot Bath & Himalayan Singing Bowl Sound Healing for me and those combination of treatments was just perfect.  I felt so much better afterwards, totally relaxed and felt uplifting.  I wish I was based in NY for regular treatments...Thank you!  Tomoko-san, I hope to come back soon.

- Mika A.

A gem of a healing space!  I have been several times for different services and can't wait to go back again.  Tomoko is very knowledgeable and skilled.  A must for anyone seeking good health of mind, body and spirit.

- Heidi C.

 Tomoko is a truly gifted healer with so many talents to choose from!  Whether I want to work on changing limiting beliefs with PSYCH-K, become more emotionally calm and centered with HeartMath techniques or work with her Singing Bowl treatment, I know I can rely on her to direct me in the right path.  Tomoko radiates serenity and balance and is a joy to be with.  Next time, I am looking forward to experiencing her Crystal Light Bed.

- K.F.

 My wife and I went to TSM Healing Center because she was having acute pain in her back/neck/shoulder area.  Tomoko zeroed in on the pain and proceeded to do a session with her singing bowls.  My wife's pain went from a 10 to 3 in a matter of 45 minutes.  We left there with our own singing bowl and have been using it ever since.  I highly recommend you visit the TSM Healing Center.  Tomoko offers many services besides singing bowls so check out her website.

- Carlos

 The singing bowls connect you to presence. They align your spirit with all that is..all that is connecting..all that is unifying. To be present in the embodiment of sound that envelopes and surrounds is truly an experience. You bask in a bath of sound that elevates you to a different level. It is truly a peaceful experience. Tomoko holds the space with an open heart. She embodies service. She is a graceful spirit yearning to do her part to make this world a better place. 

 Sincerely, Jo Ann Sweeney

 I recently attended the Himalayan Singing Bowl Healing Level I class taught by Tomoko. This class was incredibly informative and very relaxing. It was wonderful to learn a new modality to enhance my massage practice. My clients are sure to be in a relaxed state of bliss. Rarely do I meet an educator in my field that I believe to be truly gifted. Spending the day with Tomoko was educational, relaxing and healing. I felt fabulous upon completing the meditation and chakra clearing. Tomoko you have a gift, you are truly talented and I appreciated the professional setting and manner in which you taught the class. It was obvious you have put much thought and care into everything your practice has to offer. I look forward to sharing the experience with others and continuing the mediation and healing practices myself. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity.

 Sincerely, Melinda Oldt LMT

Dear Tomoko,

I wanted to share my feelings of deep gratitude with you after experiencing my first group Singing Bowl Meditation. You created a profoundly peaceful, relaxing and nurturing atmosphere. It seemed as though I had entered an inner realm where I was protected and sheltered, as I opened to a state of innocence and wonder. This safe, gentle, inner state gave birth to a new sense of personal empowerment, centered in my heart.

Tomoko, your amazing gift with Sound Healing is truly remarkable. The beauty of your quiet inner strength and calm, centered presence radiates in perfect harmony with the magical, healing tones of the Singing Bowls and other Sound Healing instruments you shared with us.

Your compassion and dedication to serving others through the use of ancient healing methods reflects your innate courage, as you light the way for others to follow, through the use of sacred sound energy medicine.

With great appreciation and love, Katharine 

Dear Tomoko,

I took the Level 1 Singing Bowls Workshop at TSM Healing Center with Tomoko and it was wonderful. I am so happy to find something like this in Jersey City and in a setting that is truly organic and out of the mainstream. I was looking for something just like this at a time in my life when I needed something to help create more balance and positive energy. The experience made me feel grounded, accomplished, and created a new sense of energy and awareness for myself. I feel fortunate to be able to pass along what I learned to others as I grow and develop in my practice. I am truly thankful to Tomoko for her guidance and insight and look forward to continuing my journey with singing bowls by participating in future workshops, classes and events with Tomoko and the TSM Healing Center. Thanks Tomoko and all the best to you, always!

_ Trupti