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Level I

Introduction Level I

Hands-on weekend intensive on how to play Himalayan Singing Bowls for sound and vibrational healing.  Introduction to the history, and lineage of the sacred Singing Bowls and how they're made, see different bowls available and learn techniques for rubbing, striking and playing bowls and Tingshas.

One and Two Bowls Healing: Learn how to effectively use one or two bowls without needing a whole set based on a bowls' unique tone and positioning.  This class is specifically designed for healing practitioners and those wishing to learn how to facilitate treatments with the use of massage table.

  •  Introduction and History
  • Mallet techniques- striking, rubbing, playing
  • Playing the Tingsha and Bell
  • Himalayan Chakra Singing Bowl Therapy
  • One and Two Bowl Therapy Techniques
  • Personal Healing Therapy Techniques
  • Healing Therapies for Clients

Duration: 2 Days • 9am – 4pm • 12 hours
(Pre-requisite for Intermediate and Advanced Levels)

 Level 1 is perfect for body workers, counselors, energy healers, physicians, etc. to enhance their practice. Two-bowl therapy is simple, powerful and easily portable.



Level II

Intermediate Level II

Intensive hands-on Himalayan Chakra Singing Bowl Therapy class for sound and vibrational healing.  This class will introduce the sound and vibrational therapy techniques using 7 notes bowls.  Lecture, discussions and practical part will be the comprehensive outline of this two-day intermediate Level II class.  This class will cover the techniques on relaxation therapy, healing prayers, chakra balancing and warm water therapy.  Participants will need to pass a quiz in order to proceed to the next level of class. 

  • Himalayan Chakra Singing Bowl Therapy
  • 7 Bowl Therapy Techniques
  • Relaxation Therapy, Healing Prayers, Chakra Balancing and Warm Water Therapies

Duration: 2 Days  •  9am – 4pm •  12 hours
(Pre-requisite for Advanced Level III)



Level III

Advanced Level III

You will learn protocols for specific health issues.  The workshop will cover advanced protocols VI and VII techniques, using advanced warm water therapies, and postures for special needs clients.  These include treatments to ease Depression, Anger, and Stress.  You will also learn giving a group sound healing meditation with singing bowls.  This will be a lecture and hands on course, bowls will be provided for practice.  Participants will receive a certificate from the TSM Healing Center after the successful completion of Level III workshop.  Participants also need to pass a quiz in order to receive a certificate.  



  • Advanced 7 Bowl Therapy Techniques
  • Clearing the Chakras, Stress and Depression, Therapy to Ease Anger, Aggression, Arthritis and Blood Pressure, Prone Posture, Nirvana, Healing the Head, Spine and Feet, Modified Baby Posture
  • Group Sound Healing Meditation with Singing Bowls 
  • Summary and Exam

Duration: 2 Days 9-4 12 hours


    I had the opportunity to experience the healing power of singing bowls class with Tomoko. After a two-day workshop, I am able to incorporate singing bowls into my reiki practice.  I have already seen the benefits of using sound and vibration healing with reiki clients.  Tomoko led the workshop in a calm atmosphere with a relaxed manner.  The pace of the class allowed the information to settle into my mind and heart.  Tomoko possesses knowledge and skills coupled with an inviting style.  Hands on practice giving treatments, and the benefits of receiving treatments created a fulfilling learning experience.  I feel comfortable using the bowls on others and myself after completing this two-day workshop.

Thank you Tomoko!

- Lillian

I found Tomoko online when looking for training in sound healing. The space was so lovely and felt like a little oasis in the middle of a lively urban environment. Tomoko was a wonderful healer and teacher with so much insight to offer that extended well beyond the content of the training. I highly recommend Tomoko for both personal services and educational training!

- Jamie

 I recently attended the Himalayan Singing Bowl Healing Level I class taught by Tomoko. This class was incredibly informative and very relaxing. It was wonderful to learn a new modality to enhance my massage practice. My clients are sure to be in a relaxed state of bliss. Rarely do I meet an educator in my field that I believe to be truly gifted. Spending the day with Tomoko was educational, relaxing and healing. I felt fabulous upon completing the meditation and chakra clearing. Tomoko you have a gift, you are truly talented and I appreciated the professional setting and manner in which you taught the class. It was obvious you have put much thought and care into everything your practice has to offer. I look forward to sharing the experience with others and continuing the mediation and healing practices myself. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity.

 Sincerely, Melinda

 What a great experience with Tomoko. She made me feel very comfortable at the healing center. I participated in level one sing bowl certification class and it was fun and informational. She is very talented and has many gifts to share. Can't want to go for my second certification. Thank You Tomoko for sharing you gifts with me.

 - Christopher V.

I heard about Tomoko Mays a few times before I finally came. I also do acupuncture, massage and other various holistic techniques.  I've always enjoyed the benefits of wellness.   I had a few person experiences that left me with a sadness and pain I couldn't let go.   Around that time a few of my clients at different times gave me her flyer.  I went for a session and was immediately shifted by the beautiful sound and vibration of the bowls.  The treatment resonated with me so much I decided to take the course.   If you have any interest I highly recommend coming for a treatment.  Tomoko is a highly professional energy worker. The space is full of  peace and  she was extremely knowledgeable.

- Racheal D.

I took the Level 1 Singing Bowls Workshop at TSM Healing Center with Tomoko and it was wonderful. I am so happy to find something like this in Jersey City and in a setting that is truly organic and out of the mainstream. I was looking for something just like this at a time in my life when I needed something to help create more balance and positive energy. The experience made me feel grounded, accomplished, and created a new sense of energy and awareness for myself. I feel fortunate to be able to pass along what I learned to others as I grow and develop in my practice. I am truly thankful to Tomoko for her guidance and insight and look forward to continuing my journey with singing bowls by participating in future workshops, classes and events with Tomoko and the TSM Healing Center. Thanks Tomoko and all the best to you, always!

- Trupti