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Practitioner Certification Training

Whether you are a physician, registered nurse, professional massage therapist, chiropractor, or if you have never thought of yourself as someone with healing ability, you can use singing bowls to help yourself and others.

This course fulfills 15 CEU credits for continuing education purposes.  This course is overseen and licensed by the Atma Buti School in Boulder, Colorado.

To receive Practitioner Certification 

  •  All 3 courses (Levels I-III) must be completed.
  •  All attendees will receive a copy of “How to Heal with Singing Bowls” by Suren Shrestha for reference during and after class as well as hand out materials.
  •  Exchange for course includes all materials and certification fees associated with the Atma Buti International Sound and Vibrational School, Boulder, CO USA.
  •  Feel free to bring your singing bowls, mallets and strikers to class. Arrive early, bowl notes will be determined before the start of class.


All certification track students receive 10% off all singing bowls, essential oil (or spray) kit for chakras,and accessories purchased during the workshop.