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Singing Bowls Are Great For Your Well Being

Bringing the mind and body back to harmony

Singing bowls help by restoring the vibratory frequencies in the human body and also in the mind. When your body and mind are out of harmony and become ill then the singing bowl is the best tool to help restore your health. This is made possible because singing bowls emit certain sounds that work like an energy medication that can heal your pain as well as help you overcome your depression and remove stress disorders.

Synchronize sounds

The healing process begins as soon as you learn to train your brain waves to synchronize with the sounds produced by the bowl. Each of these tones is very unique and will prepare your mind to deeply meditate. The sonic waves produced by a singing bowl brings to life your body’s ability to hear more than it normally would. Not only do you start hearing the sounds better but your body also starts to almost feel the sounds.

Touching every part of our beings

The fact is that vibrations are known to touch every part of our beings. We hear the sound not only through our ears but also through the cells in our bodies. The sound is able to heal us because it touches as well as transforms us in a very deep manner and it also improves us on both the spiritual as well as emotional level. The sound has been known to put right whatever imbalance exists in the physiological functioning of our bodies and it is also able to help you deal with virtually every known medical ailment.

Different interpretations

Health, as we know it in the west, is quite different from that in the eastern parts of the world. In the east, people believe that illness is caused when there is disharmony in the body. And a healthy person is one whose every cell and organ resonates harmoniously.

Singing bowls produce sounds that make the brain turn on the Theta brain wave frequencies that improve our intuition and make us think more clearly. These sounds besides creating a better mind body connection have a positive effect on our nervous system and make us feel more relaxed while at the same time also doing much to inhibit pain and stress responses.

When this new alignment takes place, we start to enjoy better health and our bodies also heal better. The end result is that we create a deeper harmony in and also outside our bodies. The result is better healing. The sound of the void that is produced by singing bowls is really very like the sound emitted in the universe.

As modern science begins to comprehend the benefits of singing bowls it is able to measure and also validate the ability of singing bowls to heal our minds and bodies.

Peace of I,

September 5, 2017 by Spandana aka Tomoko