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Angel Numbers 55 and 555

 Usually 55 is a sign from your Angels that you have changes coming along.  Although changes might feel scary this is a sign from your angels that it is a good change and they are watching over you.  So it is a sign to TRUST.  555 means the same but probably a bigger change.  When calling in your angels you can use 55 and 555 to ask for their guidance.

 As you notice recurring numbers in your life take note of what is happening at that point and this will steer you.  It is almost always a sign from spirit to guide you.  

Another big sign Angels often leave is feathers, especially white feathers.  Particularly if you see them where you are least expecting them.  Like they float down in the middle of the room where there are no feathers around.  This is your Angels saying "Don't worry we are here."

The more you surround yourself with pictures of Angels, angel carvings and things that depict Angels the more you are asking to draw them near.  Angels are different from your main guide.  You have one main guardian angel but they always bring in many other angels to help them.  Call on them for love and protection.  They rarely intervene without being asked unless it is an emergency.  So many times they would love to help, we just forget to ask.

If you have a child or a loved one you are worried about.  Ask the Angels to watch over them.  Invasion hordes of Angels surrounding them and protecting them.  

Other number that you may see re-occurring are messages from spirit or you can use these numbers to invoke help are:

22, 222  good partnerships, business or romantic

33, 333  Happiness, joy, good for being heard, writing and promotion

44, 444  Lucky, success, financial abundance

77,777   Spiritual enlightenment, psychic abilities

88,888   financial abundance, power, business success

99,999   completions, fulfillment, a good outcome

11, 1111  Master guide number, an extremely lucky sign and being directed by spirit